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Agreement of Domestic Employment for Undocumented Female Immigrant Workers in New York, Contract, 2015

Agreement of Domestic Employment for Female Immigrant Workers in New York is a quasi contract that covers female immigrant workers’ rights that suggests ethical in lieu of legal responsibilities. At the same time, the agreement is stated that an employer does not allow to ask her employee's immigration status. In this setting, how does we verify one’s official identity and how can our society redefine a legal binding when one cannot prove oneself in the government system?

* This agreement is intended to stress the importance of a written contract between illegal immigrant workers and their employers regardless of their immigration status.

** The Employee refers to an undocumented illegal immigrant in the U.S. In most cases, she is hired without a written employment contract. However, the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights provides minimum legal protections to all immigrant legal or illegal from 2010.

This original Agreement was developed through a collaboration between the artist and Alison and Pauline, and advised or reviewed by Michele Gover, Esq; Ann Marie Puente, Esq.; Shevaun Wright, Esq. (and artist); Chan Kim, J.D. for domestic workers_web 003_v2.jpg for domestic workers_web 004_v2.jpg