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Color Felt, Red, 2015

Color Felt, Red is an entropy image making workshop using red colored felt squares, which refer to the symbol of the Quebec student protest against the rise in university fees. Color Felt, Red was made in collaboration with the students of PS 147 to experiment with how these aesthetic elements obtain a symbolic meaning, and how political gestures become an educational tool–a historical reenactment. The students watched a series of videos compiled by the artist, and created their own floor arrangements according to rules below;

<10 Rules of Patterns>

1. Think the floor as your big grid full of squares. Use red squares to fill in the black and white tiles on the floor.
2. All squares have to be touching at least 1 point.
3. Do not put squares more than twice in a row.
4. Put some squares very close together.
5. Spread squares as big as possible and follow the rules above.
6. Protect your squares from other groups.
7. Trespass other groups’ boundaries with your squares.
8. Ask your friends in other groups to bring their squares into your group if you need more squares to make a bigger pattern.
9.Take only one square if you want when you leave the space.

I has added a final rule for the audience visiting a gallery space after the workshop: 10. Find your own red, square, and solidarity and share their meanings with people around you. All viewers at the gallery after Color Felt, Red will take part either actively or passively with the red felt squares that remain on the floor through the duration of the exhibition.

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