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Leave Exits Behind, 2013/2014

Leave Exits Behind deals with the notion of the white cube which has become a modern architectural standard for most contemporary art exhibit spaces. Leave Exits behind explores how we regulate the audience’s flow through these spaces by suggesting alternative rules and regulations opposed to negative demands in the municipal control of sign and related laws like; Do not put out and carry naked flames vs. Do put out do carry naked flames please. and Don't trespass vs. Do. trespass where you are, please. trespass where you belong.
These coded messages are contained in Leave Exits Behind : The Boxes, that is a hybrid video sculpture and functions as museum furniture. By putting CRT monitors into the minimalist or Ikea look-alike container/bench, the distance between the audience and a work of art physically closes, creating an intimate experience between two.

In the space of Leave Exits Behind, rules and regulations and sculpture are serving an alternative function for an audience – to interrupt their general understanding about a viewing condition that is contructed by the convention of the public sign system.

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Leave Exits Behind I

Automobile battery, AC power invertor,
CRT monitor, DVD player, memory foam, wooden box, metal casters,
screen saver; converted from screensaver
to RGB color animation based on
CRT monitor’s color pattern