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Leave Exits Behind I,
Decal from the floor to the wall, 38.3’x 15’

2 (2-1 to 2-5)
Leave Exits Behind I: The Boxes (with casters),
Automobile battery, AC power inverter,
CRT monitor, DVD player, memory foam,
wooden box, metal casters,
screen saver; converted from screensaver to RGB color animation based on CRT monitor’s color pattern

2-1, (2 channel video)
Soon the Room Will Become Dark, Do Turn and Give Voice and Be Silent and Turn Away, Please

2-2, (3 channel video)
RGB color screensaver ;CRT monitor pattern generator

2-3, (Single channel video)
Do Trespass Where You Are, Please. Please Do Tresspass Where You Belong.

2-4, 2-5, 2-6, (Single channel video)
RGB color screensaver;CRT monitor pattern generator

3 Do Put Out and Carry Naked Flames, Please.
Overhead projector and printed text on OHP film

white space 001