Brides without Pictures_web_1_72dpi_v2.jpg

Picture Brides without Pictures, 2017
Graphite and ID stickers,
Typeface: Optima
Dimensions: 5 x 5.9 feet

Picture Brides without Pictures is a temporary monument that commemorates the Asian female immigrants who arrived in the US in the early 20th century to become wives of Asian plantation farm workers. By presenting the immigrants’ textual identification, not photo – that is a representation of their ethnic and racial appearance, the project emphasizes the layers of mediation and cultural translation enacted on these individuals’ identities as they adapted to survive in a new national context. The commissioned/forged hologram US ID stickers index the state apparatus that legitimate these women as documented citizens, yet by obtaining these stickers from a manufacturer in China, I subversively signal how such markers of state of identification are always constructed.

Special thanks to Hidetaka Hirota (Historian, Boston College/CCNY), Michael E. Macmillan (University of Hawaii), and Kim Bobier (Art historian, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill). Brides without Pictures_web_2_72dpi.jpg