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Refresh Library Lab, 2009-Ongoing

Refresh Library Lab (RLL) is an interventionist approach to book restoration in which I have developed a method for restoring broken and incomplete books in public libraries. This temporary library lab has offered alternative restoration services for damaged books in public libraries in neighborhoods of New Jersey, New York, Mexico, D.F., Seoul, as well as others.
When I started this project in 2009, I borrowed a damaged public library book from my neighborhood, repaired and gave it a new book cover, filled in missing pages, and returned it to the library with its original library barcode. While I was staying in Mexico, D.F. in 2012, this personal intervention advanced a participatory project. Since the public libraries in Mexico, D.F. lend books to people with official ID issued by Mexican government, my access to public libraries, as a foreigner, was limited. However, this changed with the support of one of the private Mexican libraries, the Alumnos 47 and A47 Mobile Art Library. Instead of borrowing books by myself, I asked the help of the residents to find and bring damaged public library books with their library cards to the RLL while my project was traveling on the mobile library truck.

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