the Moonlight Salon, 2014-2015

the Moonlight Salon (MS), is a series of night workshops at the queer youth homeless shelter, Sylvia's Place in New York. As its first phrase of MS, I have been holding small video/performance workshops every Tuesday nights. The workshop is designed to give queer youths a chance to be part of the Sylvia's community through a collective art making process. MS aims to generate an ever-growing environment for intergenerational dialogues and emotional exchanges between the youth group and workshop facilitators.

Metaphorically, the workshop's name, Moonlight, refers to not only night school, but also artist's labor as moonlighting in the capitalist society. The dictionary definition of moonlighting is having a secondary job. It is the means to gain a formal employment and supports a resilient informal money. However, in this workshop context, artist moonlighting is social practice to examines the labor of artist in an alternative sector that is between social work and art institutions. In other words, artist moonlighting is communicative labor in an unconventional way instead of the means to cover living cost. The workshop setting is another mode of social exchange, undertaken with mutual commitment between artist and participants.

Note: the Moonlight Salon workshop's video documentation above is not a final production.
Special thanks to: Emily Miller, Kristin, Matheius Hussein, Redemption, Qing, and unlisted participants